My LabCorp Login – Meeting Needs, Changing Lives

My LabCorp is a free service online service for patients where they can view, download and print their LabCorp test results. The employees at My LabCorp can access the Employee portal and manage an online account where they can track, view and update their personal information and store patient information.  Employees can also use service tools to pay bills or see their scheduled appointments or agendas for the day.

Guide to Secure Login at My LabCorp

Follow the step by step guidelines below to access your My LabCorp Employee account:

  • Open the URL in your web browser
  • You will be redirected to the My LabCorp Employee Login portal page
  • The Login portal will be present right in middle of the page
  • Enter your Employee ID in the first space provided (Your User Name is your 5- or 6-digit LabCorp Employee ID.If you do not know your Employee ID, you will need to contact your supervisor.)
  • Enter the password in the second (Your default Password is a combination of your six-digit, numerical date of birth (mmddyy) and the last four digits of your Social Security number.)
  • Then either hit the enter key on your keyboard or press the “Log In” button below.
  • If your browser prompts you to select the “Remember Password” option, only choose to click it if you are using your own personal device.

The spouses and domestic partners of My LabCorp employees can also visit the Login portal page at and click the log in link besides the relevant option to log in and participate for earning rewards or earn health accounts dollars through various competitions online. In case you have forgotten your My LabCorp Login password, press the link “Forgot Password” and enter your My LabCorp Employee ID and hit next to be able to access the password reset instructions. Answer your security question like “What is your Pet’s name” and your password will be set to default. However, next time you login you must remember to change your password from default.

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